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The Texan CF Series generates power never before seen in a production air rifle! Taking advantage of our TX2 Valve and a DOT certified 250bar air tank generates the necessary steam to propel projectiles faster and farther than ever before. Using a 520-grain slug the long barrel Texan and Texan LSS have achieved over 750 foot-lbs of muzzle energy. The shorter barreled Carbine and TexanSS have generated over 620 foot-lbs! This means more capability to humanly take game, more speed when shooting lighter bullets to achieve flatte trajectories and more possibilities of what can be done with a moder air rifle. With the increased power of the TX2 Valve design and more on-board pressure, and its legendary reliability the Texan sits comfortably at the top of the big bore airgun game.

We've added the TX2 Valve/Carbon Fiber tank upgrade as an option to all existing Texan models in .457, but if you have a Texan with an original valve and want an upgrade it's as simple as swapping out the bottle for one of our carbon fiber bottles with the TX2 valve already installed! Yep, thats right, full backward compatibility with existing Texan .457 rifles. If you are ready to make the jump to more power and higher velocities click the link below to upgrade your existing Texan rifle.
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