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Airforce Airguns ESCAPE Review by Gordon Smith

Musings on the Ton Jones Signature Escape Rifle

by Gordon Smith

Sleek and Powerful. Elegance through minimalism. Just a few words to describe this air rifle designed with survival in mind. “It has everything you need and nothing you don’t” as the saying goes. Read more
Junior Shooters Escape Review

The Great Escape -- AirForce Airgun’s ESCAPE Summer issue 2014 Volume 18

For many, the availability of .22 rimfire caliber has caused an increased interest in airguns. Airguns have been an alternative for some time, but only in recent years have they become more powerful and accurate. Read more
Ton Jones

Three New Survival Rifles from Airforce

Escape Review by Tom Gaylord, April 2014

You know them for their powerful sporting PCPs, but in 2014 AirForce Airguns is bringing three new survival air rifles to market—the Escape series! Say survival these days, and people imagine the Hollywood image of zombies and world-ending comets. Neither of which has ever happened in all of recorded history. Read more