by Tim Smith, Airgun Hobbyist

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I’ve always liked both long barreled pistols and short barreled rifles. For me, the TalonP is the best of both worlds. Out of the box, the TalonP is equipped with a .25 caliber 12 inch Lothar Walther barrel and 3000 PSI 213 CC air tank. The overall length is just over 24 inches and it weighs 3 and a half pound. A few more specs are that the velocity is adjustable between 400 to 900 fps. And can produce 50 foot pounds of energy for some serious wallop.

Along with the TalonP, many optional accessories where included for evaluation. This included the Tri-Rail Scope Base, a 3-9X40 Scope, Scope Mount, TalonP Pistol Shoulder Stock, and Bipod.

I received a TalonP from Yvette Hicks of AirForce Airguns days before the Baldwinville NY airgun show. Since airgun shooting is allowed at the event, I took the TalonP along. After arriving at the show, the TalonP decked out with optional accessories, was placed on our Airgun Hobbyist table. The TalonP instantly started attracting attention. Later in the day we took the TalonP out to the range. I had not had the chance to sight in the AirForce scope and had to use a little Kentucky windage to make contact on the targets. After a few shots, several other shooters were asking if they could try the TalonP. Of course I let them, because that’s what us airgunners do. The TalonP impressed everyone who handled and fired it. Many attending the airgun show asked if we had any with us that were for sale. Unfortunately, we did not or we could have sold several that day. I did provide them information on how to order the TalonP direct from AirForce Airguns. Stu Lazansky of the Talon Shooters Association was so impressed with the TalonP that he ordered one the following week.

Field testing of the TalonP was done at the South East Michigan Field Target match. The TalonP worked quite well knocking down targets at a distance of 50 yards on half power. However, when I encountered a 3/8” kill zone on a target, the .25 caliber pellet only had approximately a 1mm margin of error. After several near misses I decided to try something different. I set the TalonP’s power setting to full and aimed at the head of the target which in this case was bear. After pulling the trigger the field target immediately fell over. I thought I had found a new way to shoot fi eld targets and tested my theory a few more times. After each shot the target fell right over. However, the report of the TalonP was now noticed by other competitors who politely reminded me that fi eld target shooting has a maximum limit of 20 foot pounds.

A nice feature of the TalonP is that the barrels can be easily changed. AirForce Airguns offers a wide variety of caliber and barrel length kits that allow the shooter to customize their TalonP needs. For fi eld target shooting, a .177 caliber would have been a better choice.

The .22 would make a nice choice for plinking and pest eradication. One of my favorite calibers, the .20 is also an option. While the TalonP’s .25 caliber barrel works very well in situations were 50 foot pounds is needed.

Like other AirForce airguns, the TalonP is a modular platform. For plinking I’d choose, a .22 caliber 12” barrel. The addition of optional open sights and shoulder stock would be a nice light weight, close range hunting setup.

The TalonP has multiple power settings that are easily adjusted while the airgun is not cocked. The airguns power can be fi ne tuned to a setting that has the power and accuracy needed for target shooting, plinking, to hunting. By keeping a log, the optimal settings can be easily made for type of use to another.

As for filling the air tank, I’d suggest using another fill method than a hand pump. Filling the air tank manually is quite a workout. A scuba tank will quickly fill the air and there are other options such as the ShoeBox compressor.

The TalonP is a single shot breach loader that aids to the airguns accuracy. It is loaded manually by pushing a pellet (using your fingers) into the rear of the barrel. With this design, there are not any magazines or probes that could damage the pellet. With the accuracy of the TalonP, there’s really not any call for it to be a repeater. In the right hands with quality pellets, the phrase of "one shot, one kill" applies.

The airgun has an automatic safety, and I had to keep reminding my self to move the safety to the fire position when I was ready to take a shot. Once fired and re-cocked, the airgun automatically is put back on safe.

The base AirForce TalonP’s MSRP is $421 which does not include sights or a scope. The MSRP of the open sights are $69 to $180 for the target sights. Or you can choose to install any kind of optics that mount on a 9.5 to 13mm dovetal rails. AirForce Airguns also offers a Dovetail to Picatinny / Weaver Adaptor Mounts for $35 for a full range of mounting systems and accessories.

The TalonP, like other airguns from AirForce has a futuristic style and is constructed of quality material with a most impressive fi nish. And lets not forget that there are optional accessories to make a TalonP match your needs. Plus it’s also made here in the USA!

If I could make a change to the TalonP, what would it be? Offer it in blue and red like its larger siblings.

To quote a TalonP owner "The more you shoot it, the more you love it." I agree with his statement so much that the TalonP will return in a future article when I’ve put some .25 caliber (and possibly other caliber) pellets down range.