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Shooting Sports Retailer October 2017 Interview with AirForce Airguns founder and CEO John McCaslin

Shooting Sports Retailer October 2017

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AirForce Airguns Offers Big Bore Airgun Ammunition.

Press Release (Fort Worth, TX - April 26, 2017)

AirForce Airguns has announced that it will be offering ammunition for its industry leading Texan and TexanSS big bore air rifles. The ammunition will be available for all AirForce dealers. The ammunition is manufactured by Hunters’ Supply to the specifications set by AirForce.

The introduction of the Texan big bore air rifle 2 years ago created an overnight demand for reliable big bore airgun ammunition.


AirForce Airguns Introduces Suppressed TexanSS in 45 Caliber.

Press Release (Fort Worth, TX - January 16, 2017)

AirForce Airguns will be introducing the sound suppressed TexanSS Air Rifle in .45 caliber at the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The AirForce Texan set the high bar for pre-charged pneumatic air rifles when introduced at the 2015 SHOT Show. The new air rifle is the much quieter version of the AirForce Texan, which remains the world’s most powerful production air rifle. The TexanSS is slightly smaller – and a lot quieter - than its full throated namesake.


AIRGUNS 101: Differentiate yourself from the competition by adding air guns to your shop's product mix.

Archery Business September/October 2016
If you own or work at an archery pro shop, you are probably constantly on the lookout for something you can sell that sets you apart from the competition. Whether you have another pro shop around or a major box store nearby, keeping a healthy bottom line can be difficult these days. Offering products that others don't have is often necessary.

Press Release: ProActive Sales to Represent AirForce Airguns

(Fort Worth, TX) AirForce Airguns June 2016 – the US manufacturer of the world’s most powerful production air rifle – the Texan® - is proud to announce ProActive Sales and Marketing will be representing AirForce. AirForce Airguns has pioneered pre-charged technology as well as serious airgun design. In just 15 years, AirForce has risen to the top of the pre-charged market.

Video: The AirForce Texan is the NRA's Gun of the Week - Dec. 5, 2015

AirForce Airguns’ Texan Air Rifle – the world’s most powerful production air rifle – has been awarded the honor of being the National Rifle Association’s Gun of the Week. This marks the first time AirForce has been named Gun of the Week and the first time anyone can remember NRA picking an air rifle.

AirForce Airgun Believers Take to the Road for Spring 2015

AirForce Airguns in conjunction with AirForce Airgun Evangelist Ton Jones and Airgun Reporter Paul Capello will be launching the Airgun Believers Spring 2015 Road Trip on May 10th.
May 7, 2015 - (Fort Worth, TX) Airgun Depot and AirForce Airguns recently partnered with Eric Blandford of the IraqVeteran8888 Channel on YouTube to create an in-depth video review of the all new AirForce Texan .45 caliber air rifle. Eric is one of the nation’s most respected firearm reviewers.

The road trip is part of the unveiling of the AirForce Airgun Believers Facebook page at facebook.com/AirgunBelievers. Daily road trip reports will be posted there. Airgun Believers is AirForce’s cadre of fans who have experienced the fun, power and accuracy of shooting America’s favorite pre-charged airgun. Read more...

Airgun Depot and AirForce Airguns Team Up to Bring Serious Airgunning to Firearms Fans

Leading YouTube Gun Star embraces the AirForce Texan
April 30, 2015 - (Fort Worth, TX) Airgun Depot and AirForce Airguns recently partnered with Eric Blandford of the IraqVeteran8888 Channel on YouTube to create an in-depth video review of the all new AirForce Texan .45 caliber air rifle. Eric is one of the nation’s most respected firearm reviewers. Read more...

Big Rock Sports Adds AirForce Airguns

April 16, 2015 - (Fort Worth, TX) AirForce Airguns – the first company to domestically manufacture a production pre-charged pneumatic airgun - is proud to announce that their line will be carried by Big Rock Sports – North America’s premier outdoor sporting goods distributor. Read more...

AirForce Airguns Unveils .45 Caliber “Texan™” Air Rifle.

January 20, 2015. Las Vegas, NV - During the first moments of SHOT Show 2015 AirForce Airguns revealed their groundbreaking new hunting air rifle, the Texan. The Texan has the famous AirForce look and feel, but is a .45 caliber pre-charged pneumatic airgun that shoots a .45 slug at power levels in excess of 500 foot pounds. Read more...

PRESS RELEASE: AirForce to Unveil New Serious Hunting Air Rifle at SHOT 2015.

January 16, 2015 The world of pre-charged pneumatic airgunning is going to change at the opening of SHOT Show 2015 with the introduction of AirForce Airguns’ newest air rifle. This rifle represents the most powerful airgun AirForce has produced. The new gun maintains AirForce’s unique look and feel. Read more...

PRESS RELEASE: AirForce Airguns Begins Construction of New State of the Art Facility in Burleson, TX.

January 16, 2015 America’s favorite pre-charged airgun is going to soon be coming from America’s newest airgun factory. Construction has begun on a new headquarters and manufacturing facility located not far from AirForce’s existing factory. “Since we built that first airgun here in Texas almost 20 years ago, we have practiced carefully managed growth,” explained AirForce founder and CEO John McCaslin. Read more...

PRESS RELEASE: AirForce Airguns To Feature New Product at 2015 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range.

January 13, 2015 AirForce Airguns is proud to announce they will join other exhibitors at this year’s Industry Day at the Range on January 19, 2015. This is AirForce’s first trip to Industry Day and they are bringing out a surprise for the media to look at and have a chance to shoot. Read more...

PRESS RELEASE: AirForce Airguns Moves Upstairs for 2015 SHOT Show

January 12, 2015 - 2015 SHOT Show Attendees looking for AirForce Airguns will be visiting AirForce’s new SHOT Show home upstairs in Booth 16355. In previous years, AirForce has exhibited on the lower level of the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. The move upstairs is a result of AirForce’s longevity as an exhibitor, membership in NSSF and their increasing leadership in US produced pre-charged pneumatic airguns. Along with BKL Technologies, AirForce International and GunPower, Ltd., AirForce will be exhibiting in the new location. Read more...

PRESS RELEASE: Outtech Named to Represent AirForce Airguns

October 29, 2014 (Fort Worth, TX & Aurora, OH) AirForce Airguns – the first company to domestically manufacture a production precharged pneumatic airgun - is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Outtech, Inc. to enhance domestic sales and marketing at all levels. AirForce Airguns has pioneered pre-charged technology as well as serious airgun design. In just 15 years, AirForce has risen to the top of the pre-charged market. Read more...


The Escape by Ton Jones, EscapeSS and Escape UL
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“Auction Hunter” Ton Jones to Introduce AirForce Airguns’ Newest Product at SHOT Show 2014

Press Release January 2014, Shot Show 2014

AirForce Airguns Evangelist and television star Ton Jones will be in the AirForce SHOT Show booth on the opening day of the 2014 show. At 8:30 AM on Tuesday, January 14 in Booth 2036, Ton and AirForce CEO John McCaslin will introduce AirForce’s newest product, a collaboration between Ton and John.

Ton will be in the AirForce booth for most of the first day of the show to talk about the new guns as well as for photos and autographs. Please stop by booth 2036 to see the cool guns and accessories and to meet Ton.

Read official press release >>


Tim Smith of AirgunHobbyist.com visits AirForce Airguns

Made in the USA is something that used to be proudly printed or stamped on airguns decades ago. These days, if the product does mention the USA, it’s preceded by words such as “assembled in”. However, this is not the case with AirForce Airguns, they are truly made in the USA. I can attest to this by having had the privilege of touring the AirForce Airguns facility in Fort Worth Texas.

John McCaslin, President and Yvette Hicks, Operations Manager of AirForce Airguns invited us to visit this summer while we were in Fort Worth area. John designed the Talon airgun around the quality Lothar Walther barrel (which is the only part of the airgun that is imported). The airguns were designed to be modular and for future expansion. When John designed the first Talon, it was not designed for planned obsolesce in any way. An example, mounting rails were incorporated for future use of new accessories.

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AirForce Introduces Sound-Loc™ Noise Reduction System for AirForce ‘SS’ Models. AirForce Airguns has announced the introduction of one of the most effective and technologically advanced noise reduction systems for airguns. The just unveiled Sound-Loc™ Noise Reduction System is designed specifically for AirForce’s TalonSS and CondorSS air rifles.

AirForce has now improved sound reduction technology with the new Sound-Loc system. Sound-Loc incorporates asymmetrical deflection of air exiting the muzzle as the gun is fired. It also includes captured air expansion and reflexive air flow which combine to decelerate air velocity and minimize the report of the rifle. These changes move AirForce from the first to the most advanced integral sound suppression system ever designed for an airgun.

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AirForce Sound Loc System

GUNS Magazine Takes a look at the AirForce Airguns Condor

Read about the Condor in the May issue of GUNS Magazine.
March 2013

New Product Bulletin, February, 2013 - AirForce Introduces All New CrispBreak Trigger for 2013

New Product Bulletin, February, 2013

AirForce Introduces All New CrispBreak® Trigger for 2013
AirForce Airguns, manufacturer of America’s favorite pre-charged airguns has announced that all new AirForce air rifles and pistols will feature a new trigger group and safety.
Read official press release

New Product Bulletin, February, 2013 - AirForce Introduces Expansion Release for 2013

New Product Bulletin, February, 2013

AirForce Introduces Expansion Release for 2013
Read official press release

New Product Bulletin, February, 2013 - AirForce Introduces Swingline Fill System for 2013

New Product Bulletin, February, 2013

AirForce Introduces Swingline Fill System for 2013
Read official press release

New Product Bulletin, February, 2013 - AirForce Introduces CondorSS Air Rifle for 2013

New Product Bulletin, February, 2013

AirForce Airguns is adding a new member to America’s favorite family of pre-charged air rifles with the new CondorSS model. The CondorSS is based on the top selling Condor frame with an 18 inch barrel integrated with the new SuperShroud for maximum noise suppression.
Read official press release

What's New at AirForce by Tom Gaylord

January 2013 - What's New at AirForce?

Though the outsides look the same, the elves have been busy inside the AirForce sporting guns. ~ by Tom Gaylord, January 2013
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American Rifleman Magazine takes a look at the AirForce Airguns Condor.

November 21, 2012
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TalonP Field Test

by Tim Smith, Airgun Hobbyist, Fall 2012
I’ve always liked both long barreled pistols and short barreled rifles. For me, the TalonP is the best of both worlds.
Read article

September 2012 Women and Guns Cover Story

Modern Guns Take Center Stage

April 28, 2012 TalonP Winner

Mr. Will Thibaut of Napoleonville, Louisiana was the winner of the AirForce TalonP at the recent Airgun Extravaganza show held in Malvern, Arkansas April 27-28, 2012. Seen here in the middle, Mr. Thibaut. Seth Rowland, host and promoter on the left, and Eric Henderson, host of Adventures Afield on the right. TalonP Winner at the Airgun Extravaganza show

01/17/2012: Airforce Introduces the Spin-Loc™ Tank Attachment System

AirForce Airguns Introduces their most recent innovation in design - the Spin-Loc™ air tank attachment system. This system allows customers to use either the standard Quick-Detachable air tanks or our new Spin-Loc™ tanks with built-in pressure gauge and quick fill connection on the same gun

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8/17/11: Picantinny Adaptor

Designed for AirForce Airguns by BKL Technologies, the new Dovetail to Picatinny Adaptor means more serious fun and flexibility for America's top pre-charged air rifles, The Talon, TalonSS and Condor.

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3/6/2011: AirForce Airguns contributed to the Pacific Airgun Expo

by donating a Talon SS air rifle with accessories for the Grand Prize Giveaway.

1/18/2011: What's New in 2011 -- Guns, Calibers, Accessories

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.25 Caliber Barrels

AirForce Airguns, the first U.S. manufacturer of Pre-Charged Pneumatic air rifles has added .25 caliber to their product line. This addition allows the end user to purchase an accessory barrel for an existing rifle and add the enhanced ballistic capabilities this caliber offers to their AirForce shooting system. The .25 caliber is preferred by airgun hunters worldwide and has been much sought after in the US by serious airgunnners. The .25 caliber provides the perfect balance to projectile weight and muzzle velocity, assuring maximum terminal velocity on small game or pests. Pellets in .25 caliber are readily available nationwide. Swapping the barrels is easy and requires minimal tools. The barrels are available in 12, 18, and 24 inches. The Talon and Condor series rifles are also now available in this caliber.

Self-Centering Tri-rail

New self centering Tri-rail base designed by BKL Technologies offers dovetail mounting surfaces on three sides and raises the sight line so standard scope rings may be used.

TalonP Air Pistol

The TalonP sets a new standard in air pistol power levels. Designed to deliver over 50ft. lbs. of energy with a .25 caliber hunting pellet, this pistol is for the serious hunter wanting a compact, yet powerful hunting tool.

MSRP $421.00

What are folks saying about the TalonP air pistol?
  • "Great gun for my backpack." - Airforce Fan
  • "Cowabunga! The worlds finest small bore hunting air pistol has been born!" - Tom Gaylord
  • "One of the hottest little urban hunting guns I could imagine." - Jim Chapman - Shot Show 2011 Review

7/1/2010: AirForce Airguns Introduces the "New Black" in Airguns

AirForce Airguns is bringing out their popular Condor and Talon SS rifles, the original black airguns, in red and blue. These are the same precision guns that brought pre-charged airgunning to the U.S. They still feature Lothar Walther precision barrels in .177, .20, and .22 calibers. The company’s signature multiple mounting rails and built in velocity control system are also retained.

“We had a lot of demand for rifles in new colors,” noted AirForce Operations Manager Yvette Hicks, “We first displayed them in Vegas at S.H.O.T. Show and they were very well received. We have been taking a constant flow of orders for them since.”

AirForce was first with a “Black” pre-charged pneumatic airgun with the original Talon model. It was quickly followed by the Talon SS and Condor models to offer a wider variety of rifles to fill every shooter’s need and situation. From the interchangeable barrels to the multiple propellant power system, these are the most advanced – and the best looking – serious airguns available anywhere.

These guns are more than just visually appealing. They are the same ultra accurate rifles that made AirForce the leader in high power airguns. These rifles are made in the USA in AirForce’s state of the art Fort Worth manufacturing facility.

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2/1/2010: AirForce Introduces Edge Flexi-Weights for Edge Air Rifle

AirForce Edge Flex-weights are designed for maximum flexibility. Weights can be mounted anywhere on the frame or muzzle extension allowing dramatic adjustability of overall weight and balance point while still falling within Sporter Class weight limits.

The reason for the weights are due to the actual weight on the Edge Sporter Air rifle, the rifle only weighs 6.1lbs, so the shooter can add the weight system to achieve a heavier rifle without going over the restricted weight limit of 7.5lbs for Sporter Class competitions. Each Weight weighs 50 grams. Available in 1 or 5 packs.

9/1/2009: New TC1 Gun case from Airforce Airguns

New Gun Case Is Designed to Carry the Condor Air Rifle and More

AirForce Airguns has just released the TC1 (Tactical Case 1), providing shooters the ability to transport their Condor or other AirForce Air Rifle, complete with tri-rail, rings and scope easily in one case. Previously there was nothing on the market that would accommodate the complete optic-equipped air rifle. Available in black with the recognizable AirForce embroidered logo, the durable case is made of 600 D Dura Cord with PVC Backing and features a main compartment that is fully padded and equipped with a divider to keep two rifles, or one rifle and a hand-pump, safe and secure. A bountiful allotment of twelve hook and loop straps offer the shooter more options to secure the rifle or other equipment. The full opening closes easily with heavy duty YKK® zippers with dual slides. Two padded, zippered outside compartments are perfect for carrying tanks or other gear and feature two zippered pockets within them. Two additional zippered interior pockets can accommodate items such as pellets, cleaning supplies or other accessories.

The case has a MSRP of $99.95.
Item# U1065

More info

2/1/2008: AirForce Airguns Introduces The Edge Air Rifle

2008 marks the year that AirForce Airguns changes the world of Sporter Class competition with the all new Edge Airgun. The Edge has the look and feel of much more expensive precision class guns but is approved at a Sporter Class and available at a Sporter price. Unique features include an ambidextrous cocking knob, regulated air system, adjustable length of pull, cheek piece, and forearm. It comes equipped with the TS1 Adaptive Airgun Sight and hooded front sight. The Edge is the only regulated 3P Air Rifle Council approved Sporter pre-charged pneumatic air gun produced in the USA.


  1. TS1 Adaptive Airgun Sight 12/2008
  2. 10 Year Anniversary 2/2008
  3. .20 Caliber Barrels 2/2008
  4. Top Gun Award 2/2008
  5. CO2 adaptor 2/2008
  6. Tri-Power 2/2008
  7. Talon Presented to NRA President