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In the early 1980’s, air guns charged with scuba diving cylinders began appearing in England in limited numbers for pest control.  These guns were called pre-charged pneumatics (PCP) because they are charged with air from an external source as opposed to having their own compression mechanism built in.  A growing worldwide interest in scuba diving means diving tanks are available nearly everywhere.  These dive tanks and the availability of efficient hand pumps capable of generating 3000 psi have created easy access to the high-pressure air needed to power these guns.  AirForce Airguns is the first company to bring you the advantages of the pre-charged pneumatic design in an adult air gun made in the United States.

PCP air guns are lighter in weight because they lack the parts needed for an onboard compression mechanism like the spring-piston in common break-barrel air guns.  The lack of spring-piston movement during firing also means recoil and vibration are virtually eliminated.  PCPs are much easier to shoot accurately than most other air gun types.  Almost all Olympic-level target shooters using air guns in competition use PCPs.  Lack of recoil also means telescopic sights can be used without the fear of damage often caused by spring-piston air guns.

PCPs can offer more shooting for less work.  Once the gun is charged with air, you simply open a loading port which cocks a valve striker, load the pellet and shoot.  Compare that to a spring gun that might take 50 pounds of cocking effort to shoot at the same velocity or less.  A PCP can be charged easily from a standard scuba diving tank.  The gun can also be charged using a special hand pump.  The hand pump puts some of the work back into shooting as it takes one or two pump strokes to replace the air pressure from each shot fired.  Since a PCP is normally good for 40 to 80 shots between refills, it is not normally necessary to refill in the field unless you plan to shoot for an extended time.  This saves weight for hunters since a spring-piston gun that approaches the power of a PCP often weighs 40 to 60 percent more.  A powerful spring gun weighs nine or ten pounds, while an even more powerful PCP may weigh five to seven pounds.  The combination of less weight and easier operation make the PCP ideal for women and smaller shooters.

The PCPs offered by AirForce have broadly adjustable power levels, allowing the shooter to adjust down for quiet backyard plinking or up for serious small game hunting and pest control.  Quick-change barrels mean owners don’t need to buy extra guns to change calibers and barrel lengths.  A PCP from AirForce is more than just another air gun; it’s an entire shooting system!  With all the advantages, there is little wonder that PCPs are a fast-growing segment of today’s air gun market.  Once shooters try them out, they discover for themselves the major advantages of shooting an air gun of this design.